“The Best in Automation Systems”


Founded in 2001, TTI is an Automation / Control Systems Provider in Municipal and Industrial markets.  TTI has earned a good reputation in these industries by providing excellence in service and systems design.  Most of all, TTI has a broad and diverse knowledge base as a result of working with so many varied processes.  While replacing over-engineering with design simplicity, TTI gives the customers the best solutions.  Our skills include a strong emphasis on data networks, intuitive interfaces, and advanced software techniques.  This business model has worked successfully and consequently, makes TTI a valuable resource for you.  Let us serve you and increase efficiency to new levels.  Our goal is to make you more profitable.  Our vehicle to achieve this is our skillsets.

Automation Systems Provider

TTI provides everything from small panels to complete SCADA systems.  From PLC panels and associated instrumentation, telemetry panels, machine control panels to entire production lines, such as robotic paint lines, sputtering lines, assembly lines, etc.  No job is too big or too small for TTI.  All of our panels and HMIs are assembled in North Canton, Ohio.

We can provide “turn-key” solutions or we can work with your company to provide these systems.  We will train your IT/OT/Maintenance staff on proper operations and maintenance of these systems.  Typical projects start with involvement of your operations in the design phase.  Production of the equipment/panels is done in our North Canton, Ohio shop.  Installation can be performed by your staff if so desired.  We have agreements with local electrical contractors to keep cost managed when installing larger systems.  All of our systems are extensively tested and reviewed before closeout of projects.

Lately, many companies have been using us to retrofit existing systems.  Most are a result of others not being able to complete the task, or complete it correctly.  We have also been able to take existing controls and increase the efficiency and production output while keeping costs minimal.

We can provide detailed designs, drawings, layouts, and supporting information, or we can work with consultant engineering firms, as required on municipal projects.  We also act as a consultant when required by a customer.

Automation Systems Service

TTI provides the highest quality troubleshooting and repair in the industry.    We service most makes of PLCs, HMIs, and SCADA softwares.  We also provide instrumentation calibration and service.  We service telemetry systems, including phone, radio, and cellular.  We service fiber optic, hard wired Ethernet, and serial data communications equipment and lines.


TTI does not represent any manufacturers or suppliers, therefore, we maintain an objective approach to providing ideas and concepts that others cannot.  Our goal to success is providing the BEST solution for the customer, not the best solution for TTIs bottom line.  As a result, this business model keeps our customers coming back and has been better in the long run.  This also helps in our ability to seamlessly integrate varying brands/types/communications protocols/control methods/etc into one smooth running operation.

Another advantage is our willingness to enter into service agreements with our customers which will guarantee a set rate for the agreement period with a time frame mutually agreed upon.  We offer any type work we are qualified to perform for these agreements.

TTI does not send interns into the field to perform programming or process control work.  We maintain up-to-date and current test equipment and skillsets to service our customers as best we can.


Thoma Technologies is located in North Canton, Ohio.  We service Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.  In addition to this, TTI travels to customer sites anywhere within the continental United States upon mutual agreement. We have performed work in Oklahoma (Will Rogers Airport Baggage System), Oregon (NW Natural Gas Co.) and Detroit, Michigan (Natural Gas Compressor Station).

 IEEE writes the rules for Automation Systems