Systems and Service

Since 2001, Thoma Technologies, Inc. has stood as a Midwest leader in designing, assembling, testing, installing, retrofitting, programming and integrating electronic process control systems for a variety of industries. Diversity is our strength! From our state-of-the-art facility in North Canton, Ohio, we find customized and creative automated solutions for complex controls, saving our industrial and municipal customers time and money.

Support and service are the cornerstones of our business. Our team takes pride in building the finest controls available. Let’s sit down and talk about your needs today.

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Training Opportunities

Industrial and municipal facilities have become more dependent on automation to remain competitive and efficient. Employers have found it difficult to find trained personnel to work on these systems. Technical Training Institute® (TTI) was founded to address this issue.

Through our years of experience, TTI offers results: shorter downtimes, more efficient production, and easier expansion of existing systems. We also offer classes for owners and managers that will expand knowledge of applications and demonstrate how powerful these systems can really be. Learn the latest techniques that lead to increased profits.

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